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TV and Radio Media:

WXYZ Channel 7 Detroit and WMYD TV 20 Live interview: "Back to School and Back to School when you have a neurodiverse brain"  

Civic Center TV Megacast Live, "Back To School and Neurodiversity"

WWJ News Radio Detroit
Listen to a clip here:

WDET 101.9- Detroit NPR Station 
Link coming soon

Michigan Entrepreneur TV

Superstation 910 Detroit, Empowered with Angela T. Moore

Print Media:

Go Solo-Providing Academic & Behavioral Consulting

Respect*Ability Guest Contributor. "Five Questions to Ask Yourself When a Child’s Behavior Isn’t So Desirable"

Voyager Michigan, "Meet Franki Bagdade of Faab Consulting"

Metro Parent May 2020, "What's Behind a Mom's Resting Thinking Face? Hint: It's Not Unhappiness!"

Chicago Parent January 2021, "4 One Word Resolutions to Boost Your Family Life in 2021"

Detroit Jewish News, "Parental Advice: Loving Your Kids, Even if You Don't Always Like Them"

MSI Press Blog: Featured Blogs

Today's Parents- Featured Blog

Metro Parent January 2022, "Challenging Behavior Challenging You"

Foundation for Jewish Camp Feature, February 2017, "What Should We Do When Camp Feels Overwhelming"

Karla Osorno Blog, "52 Quotes and Inspiring Insights From Everyday Women"

Autism Parenting Magazine (UK) Issue 136, "Why Behavior Charts Often Don't Work"

ACA Camping Magazine, May 2022, "How to Practice Holistic Inclusion & Examine Your Implicit Bias"

ACA Camping Magazine, July 2022, "Can we do Even Better When it Comes to Mental Health"

ACA Camping Magazine, September 2022, "Moving From Awareness to Acceptance"

ADHD Online Blog Quotes:
"Think You've Told Your Therapist Too Much"

"Summer Survival Guide: Top Tips for ADHD Parents"
"Day and Weekend Trip Ideas: A Checklist for ADHD Families to Have Fun Without Going Far"

Psych Central Blog Quotes: "Does ADHD Affect Speech?"

Crayons and Lip-gloss Blog Featured Blog Post

The Tim
e Timer Blog:

New JFamily Class Helps Parents of Children With ADHD “Parent With Confidence "

Metro Parent, "My Mantra: What if it all Works Out?"


Keeping up with Chaos Episode 76:
Keeping up with Chaos Episode 47:

Parenting in Real Life Podcast Ep 106:

Kids Are Weird Podcast:

Mamalyfe Podcast:

Raising Healthy Humans episode 31:

The Commons with Karla:

Your 3 Uniques:

The Mom Files:

ADHD Toolbox:

Parenting Authors Go Live! Franki and Melinda Moyer:

Franki and Jessica from the Therapy Spot go live:

Parenting Authors Go Live! Franki and Christina Hillsberg:

Parenting Authors Go Live! Franki and Sue Donnellan:

JCC of Metro Detroit Book Fair Franki with Zibby Owens:

JCC of Metro Detroit Book Fair: Franki with Howard Koplewicz:

3/3/23-Think Business Live with Jon Dwoskin


Book Reviews, "I Love My Kids But I Don't Always Like Them!":

US Review of Books:

Reader's Favorite:

Amazon Reviews:

Goodreads reviews:

Literary Titan Review and Gold Award:



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