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I Love My Kids But I Don't Always Like Them, Book Cover, Amazon best selling award winning parenting book published in 2021

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I Love My Kids, But I Don't Always Like Them is the ultimate survival guide for parents living through one of the strangest times in history. This " how to guide" will offer parent support even if you are exhausted and burnt out in improving your child(ren)'s behavior. Written by an expert with 20 years of experience in behavioral observation in the classroom, in overnight camp, and more.


Franki infuses her professional experience as a therapist and educator specializing in Anxiety, Autism, ADHD Coaching and Parenting Support in this award winning book.

Franki's storyteller cadence helps the book to read as if it's a casual conversation and pep talk between two parents over coffee. Franki is raw, authentic, and honest about her own "mom fails" and what she has learned in her own little lab school, as she raises her three children.

Franki is a parenting support expert in her own right with a Masters in Special Education and a Masters in Clinical Social Work (pandemic purchase!)  However, you will hear no judgement in this author's advice as she lays out methods to help parents with all types of struggles from Anxiety, ADHD and Sensory Difficulties, to raising siblings with competing needs, to learning when to let go and when to reach out to a professional.

Literary Titan Gold Book Award
Readers favorite five star seal
Outstanding Non-Fiction book award for the IAN book of the year awards,2022

Award-winning parenting book written by an educator and therapist specializing in ADHD Coaching, Autism, Anxiety, DEI and of course Parenting Support!

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