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About Franki

Growing up with ADHD and Anxiety, Franki learned to embrace her own neurodivergence. It brings her great joy to offer professional training, therapy, coaching and parenting support. 

Franki is a master's level educator and clinical social worker serving her hometown, oakland county and beyond. 

Franki has over two decades of experience in education including disability inclusion, special education, ADHD and Autism support and mental health.  Franki has worked in all types of classrooms from special needs resource rooms to general education. As a consultant, she has provided guidance in preschool through high school classrooms and facilitated professional development for educators.


Franki spent five summers on the director team of one of the largest residential camps in North America (serving 1500 campers a summer) overseeing the disabilities inclusion program, serving those with ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, and other disabilities as well as the social, emotional, and behavioral health accommodations needed for all campers and staff.

Franki  has owned and operated FAAB Consulting since 2019 and Franki Bagdade Therapy since 2022. When Franki launched FAAB, she began to realize how much her professional experience influenced her parenting. She began to offer parenting support for those struggling with challenging behaviors. In 2023 Franki added in person ADHD Coaching and Therapy Services in Oakland County to her offerings. 

 Franki is a popular public speaker throughout North America. She enjoys speaking “in the news” including on air, radio, and podcasts, and has given interviews on Neurodiversity, ADHD, Autism, Back to School suggestions for parents, many parenting hot topics, mental health, and more. 

 Franki is a published author. Her first book, “I Love My Kids But I Don’t Always Like Them,” was published in October of 2021. Franki’s book has won several awards and has spent many weeks on the Amazon bestseller lists. 

Franki graduated from Michigan State University with a BA in Elementary Education, Wayne State University with an M. Ed in Special Education, and the University of Kentucky with an MSW in Clinical Social Work.

Franki enjoys coffee,  fancy breakfast that someone else makes, traveling, reading, dreaming, and re-watching every episode of Friends.

She lives with her husband Jeff, three children, and Rocky-her co-worker/puppy in Metro Detroit. 

Franki in FAAB sweatshirt casual branding pic
Franki Bagdade, Therapist and ADHD Coach with her 3 kids and husband
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