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Looking for a dynamic, engaging speaker and consultant?
Franki, a Michigan-based therapist and ADHD Coach, has been characterized as "the magical unicorn" of professionals because she is so versatile! Bring Franki to your community to speak, offer professional development, or consult.

Specializing in neurodiversity affirming disability inclusion, ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, and Parenting Support.
Check out Franki's upcoming and past speaking and training events.

"The presenter was fabulous. I would take a training with her again. "

"This seminar was very informative. the class was great."

"This was amazing. I am looking forward to having more classes with this speaker."

"Clear ideas, good visuals, good tips, very engaging, and everything moved along smoothly."

Continuing Education Participants and Therapists

"I really enjoy this speaker. She was so professional and knowledgeable."

"Franki was my favorite! She was so engaging."

"I love listening to Franki’s seminars.  Just listening to her conversation during her talk, she is so enthusiastic and gives so many useful techniques.

Workshop participants 

"We have used Franki as a resource for many years. Franki's insight and knowledge is always helpful. She has a keen sense of what each child needs. Franki has observed children and provided professional development for our staff.  She is always thorough and presents all information in a clear and understanding manner. We appreciate Franki's support and will continue reaching out to Franki for help!"

 School Administrator 

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