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I'm not only the owner of FAAB consulting and an ADHD Coach but I'm also an adult with ADHD! I am an educator and a clinical social worker and have been helping those with ADHD recognize their strengths and accommodate their weaknesses for over two decades!  Learn more about me, my why, and my journey below.

"I grew up as a quiet kid diagnosed with inattentive ADHD at 8 years old (I swear I was shy then I'll have my Mom write me a note.) I assumed I was lazy and made careless errors like everyone around me told me daily and therefore I must not be very smart or capable. When I left my rigorous dual curriculum and dual language private school for public high school I realized maybe I DID have some potential. The more I was able to take classes that matched my interests and my skills the more I realized I could achieve..."

Read more about my story and my mission-

"Top 10 Reasons I Love My ADHD Brain!"


"Why I hate My ADHD Today!" 

Curious? Schedule a free 15 minute discovery call with me:

Questions? Call or text: 248-310-3653

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