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FAABulous Coaching Services

Learn about me and why I became a coach here.
ADHD Coaching
Parent Coaching
Type ADHD, Organizational Coaching
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In-person coaching in Metro Detroit/Oakland County at our Southfield Office
Virtual Coaching available throughout North America

ADHD Coaching:

What is ADHD Coaching?

ADHD coaching includes education, mentorship, and guidance by an ADHD Expert.


Franki Bagdade's ADHD Expertise:

Franki Bagdade has over two decades of experience working with ADHD clients and several decades of navigating life as a person with ADHD! Franki has been designated as a *professional ADHD coach by the ADHD Coaches Organization International.  

Franki has a Master's Degree in Special Education and has worked in schools as a teacher, teacher consultant, and, professional development provider. 

Franki holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work and a LLMSW license. In addition, she creates and facilitates continuing education courses on ADHD and other topics for therapists and mental health professionals.

*Please note: ADHD Coaching is not therapy

What do we do in sessions?

Franki will start off my getting to know you, your particular executive functioning "sticking points" and all of your individual, miraculous strengths. She will set goals together with you. Franki does NOT believe in one-size-fits-most strategies but instead will provide and guide you through strategies that fit with your particular strength and learning profile. 

Common coaching collaborative "projects":

  • Time management

  • "Keeping house"

  • To-do list management

  • Calendar management

  • School/homework/study strategies

  • School supplies and organizational tools overhaul

  • Understanding how ADHD and Executive Functioning challenges impact you? 

  • Accommodation plans for school, college, or workplace

  • Executive and Entrepreneurship Coaching

  • Other projects as unique as you! 

ADHD Coaching

I'm Franki Bagdade. I'm not only the owner of FAAB consulting and a Metro Detroit-based ADHD Coach but I'm also an adult with ADHD! I am an educator and a clinical social worker and have been helping those with ADHD recognize their strengths and accommodate their weaknesses for over two decades!  Learn more about me, my why, and my journey below.

How and Why Did Franki Become an ADHD Coach?

"I grew up as a quiet kid diagnosed with inattentive ADHD at 8 years old (I swear I was shy then I'll have my Mom write me a note.) I assumed I was lazy and made careless errors like everyone around me told me daily and therefore I must not be very smart or capable. When I left my rigorous dual curriculum and dual language private school for public high school I realized maybe I DID have some potential. The more I was able to take classes that matched my interests and my skills the more I realized I could achieve..."

Read more about my story and my mission-

"Top 10 Reasons I Love My ADHD Brain!"


"Why I hate My ADHD Today!" 

Curious? Schedule a free 15 minute discovery call with me:

Questions? Call or text: 248-310-3653

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