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11 Wishes for my Daughter as She Turns 11

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Today our middle, the literal and sometimes more figurative center of our family turns 11. Out of our 3, sometimes I feel that she has shaped who I am as a parent the most. In fact, I wonder if she's taught me more about life than I've taught her!

1. Keep reading! As you know reading can be a healthy escape, whether a room is too loud, too overstimulating or just not exciting enough.

2. Just Dance!! As much as possible, like no one is watching!

3. Be honest and observant

4. Be creative and artistic at every opportunity

5. Keep your body moving (though I encourage you not to break any more bones)

6. Keep stretching your mind through building and creating

7. Keep caring about others, especially the ones that you notice aren't getting noticed

8. Keep dreaming, a vivid imagination is a great place to visit

9. Keep wondering about history, and exploring our country

10. Keep experimenting (just keep the slime outside)

11. Be you! No exceptions.

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