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Why Every Mom Should Go on a Girl's Trip!!

Updated: May 5, 2023

In two days (but who's counting) I'm going on my annual girl's trip to Florida. Yes, I said annual. Yes I said to Florida! And I feel zero mom guilt about it. Zero!!! This wasn't always true, but I've learned that when I'm healthy, everyone benefits. Seriously, who wants to live with an overly cranky and exhausted mom or wife? Our girl's trips have evolved throughout the years based on our kid's ages, financial situations and careers. No, you don't have to be lucky enough to hop on a plane and go somewhere warm in order for it to do wonders for your attitude!

When our kid's were little and we were still nursing, sometimes it was a girl's morning with a long brunch and a walk around the mall. And yes some year's when the bank accounts were lean, it was just window shopping. As the kids got older and didn't rely on us to feed them every few hours but we weren't quite brave enough to leave the state, we sometimes shoved 5 of us into a fancy hotel room 45 minutes from home. This 24 hours of luxury included a yummy dinner, walking through a little town and the world's smallest, most overpriced room service sundae split 5 ways. Pure perfection!

I'm incredibly blessed with a small group of close friends. I know many of you reading may have moved away from your hometown, are new parents or so on and still searching for your tribe. My advice to you is to do some research! There are some great, low cost trips out there for young to middle-aged to older adults that are centered around your field, your religion or interest area. These are a great way to get away and to get to know other moms in your area. One of my personal goals is to go to a female blogging conference. So I am slowly but surely saving up some funds to do so. Yes this is career-related but sure to be fun so it counts!

Before I started FAAB Consulting, I had a job that included a ton of business travel. On occasion, I'd stay an extra few hours here or there and enjoy a quiet hotel room, even sleep in! Seriously, what mom wouldn't enjoy a bed to themselves, a silent room for sleeping and control over the TV remote?

Be creative! But take the time! Do it for yourself, do it for your kids, do it for your partner. Trust me they will all thank me later!

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