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10 Reasons Why Living Through a Pandemic with Your Kids is Just Like Summer Camp

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

As I put on the same pants I've worn a few (meaning seven) times in a row this morning, I was struck with how much the past few weeks have had in common with summer camp.

Directions to enjoy this post: Don't take it so seriously, I am a camp believer through and through and yes this is not our chosen path, many of us our suffering, but I take care of myself by laughing!

1. I'm really happy if we all remember to brush our teeth once a day.

2. It's always pajama day, we all have plenty of clothes but only wear two items.

3. I'm always dirty. With paper towel in short supply, I've decided to use my clothes (I mean pjs) as napkins.

4. I'm always using my camp counselor voice and saying "this will be fun!" "you can do it!" (sometimes to my husband).

5. All the food has whipped cream, chocolate chips, sprinkles and a little magic included! The carbs are plentiful and the veggies are not.

6. I lay at night thinking of the craziest, creative yet nonsensical things to do, wake up and do them!

7. Close quarters may be helping you to bond with the ones who tend to drive you the most insane, and it's been amazing watching my kids enjoy each other differently (in between fighting).

8. We have a schedule, but include plenty of organized chaos.

9. There is a lot of story telling. Three family meals a day give us lots of times to tell the kids lots of tales about us as kids! 10. We may be sort of unsure while we are "in it" but I'm positive we will have a ton of positive memories when it's over!

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