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Celebrating Autism Awareness & Acceptance Month

Spotlight on Autism

I originally created this post in honor of this Autism Awareness Month (April), I love to share favorite Autistic Voices and Authors/Authors with Autism, with you and some on my "to read" list! However, I thought what better reason to share it again than “Neurodiversity Celebration Week!” So this was the first post I made on my new Substack blog. Then, social media told me that this week is World Autism Acceptance Week. Can’t keep track? Me neither! However, I will take any excuse to highlight Autistic Voices. You may be reading this and wondering why I’m using “identity-first” vs. the long-time “person-first” language standard. I’m doing this because the Autistic clients I have, and the Autistic authors and creators I follow, prefer this. Curious about this change?

Check out Franki's Substack to read more about person-first and identify-first language, Autistic Authors, teacher resources and more!

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