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You Can Have It All, But Not On The Same Day

My quest for balance, quieting mom guilt, and growing my business

It was Sunday evening, I took a deep breath and reviewed the week ahead courtesy of my four google calendars all somewhat harmoniously synced on a 6-inch screen. Relief washed over me as I realized I actually had some space on the calendar this week. No, not enough to go to yoga, take a nap, or a long bath with Enya playing in the background. Yet, I had enough to eat for lunch every day, actually do (some of) the work needed to run two businesses, and maybe even take a few 5-minute stretch breaks on the exercise ball that I am committed to doing daily ( yet haven’t done more than twice for at least 8 weeks. ) It had been a few weeks since my calendar had any open space. I know I was supposed to be grateful for two busy businesses. I was of course, but I was also so tired that I couldn’t remember the last time I had been anything but sooooo tired. For the first time in a few weeks, I slept well on a Sunday night.

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