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How My ADHD Brain and I Collabed and Made my Family Dinner (almost) Every Night For Over 2.5 Weeks!

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

If it didn't happen to me I wouldn't believe it either...

You know those comics, memes, tweets… that all say something like “I can’t believe that I have to make dinner every day for the rest of life until I die?” But in a more clever, not quite as dark way? Almost every time I see one of those, I will share it on my story because man oh man do I feel this! I mean I enjoy dinner, and I love food, but every single night… It seems a bit excessive! Add into that my ADHD brain that absolutely hates monotony, gets decision fatigue rather quickly, loves to be a workaholic and therefore is often useless by the time dinner rolls around or would rather work instead… I tend to get more of a recipe for disaster than a recipe for chicken piccata come 6 pm.

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