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Top Ten Reasons to Enjoy your Tween Now

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

It's true what they say "bigger kids, bigger problems", yes tweens and teens will keep you busy. Not in a continually changing the liner of the diaper genie way, but busy nonetheless. There is also something sort of magical about parenting this age group, that is seldom talked about. It's truly special getting to know your child all over again as they really start to figure out who they are. Here are my top ten reasons to enjoy your tween now (wine always optional):

1.They can make Easy Mac for themselves, siblings, friends... pretty much they can keep themselves alive.

2.They can babysit-- nice when they have younger sibs.

3.Yes they can be obnoxious at an Olympic sport level, but they apologize after and feel bad about it.

4. They are better at some things then we are- math, spelling, talking their siblings into things, social media, technology ( pro tip- don’t ask them to tutor you on instastory unless you’re into a mean teacher.)

5. You can share shoes and clothes (Just remember this can go both ways, and you may see your nicest leather boots sauntering across the stage at a choir concert...)

6. They get the adult jokes their siblings may not yet, so they start to feel like they are on the "inside" with you.

7. They are developing their own styles.


8. They care what others think. Sure this can be a negative but that's another blog post, for now I enjoy no longer having to control the showering schedule.

9. They can entertain themselves! 

10. They want to understand the world. Now is this amazing opportunity to have open, candid, age appropriate conversations about politics, world issues and how they can impact the causes that are most important to them.

What do you love the most about parenting a tween?

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