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Type ADHD organizing from FAAB ADHD Coaching

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Have you found yourself endlessly reading, scrolling, and searching for organizational or housekeeping strategies? You find one that looks perfect, you get pumped up to implement them and invest in new supplies and then they just don't work?  I get it!  ADHD brains are different, not less, just different. You need neurodivergent-friendly and customized organizational solutions. 

Get organization tips from someone who gets it!!  I am Franki, owner of FAAB Consulting, professional ADHD coach, and a proud ADHD'r. I have developed organizational strategies and tools that work for those of us who were NOT born type A, but type ADHD.

Book a 90-minute consultation with me to tackle organization in your home, or office. I can meet you in your space (limited to parts of Metro Detroit) or you can take me on a virtual tour via Zoom.  After the consultation, I will send you a personalized plan including notes on everything we discussed, a suggested shopping list if applicable, step-by-step instructions to tackle your goals, and any additional resources requested.


I believe in getting to know a client's strengths and preferences, and listening to what they've tried, what has worked and what hasn't in order to build individual plans. 

As a celebration of my new services I am gifting my first 10 "Type ADHD" clients free lifetime access to my On Demand Webinar Library

and a one year membership to my paid substack newsletter

Click here to book your consultation!  

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