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Valentine's Day Freebie & Gift Ideas

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

I pulled something fun from my "teacher files" to share with you all for free!

Enjoy my Valentine's Day Printable cards! Fill each card with all of those reasons you love your little monsters! OR, pass them around and have each person in the family write or draw one compliment on each family member's card.

Know someone in your life who loves fidgets!!! They will flip over my expertly curated, sensory-satisfying, fidgets in the Valentine's Day Sensory Kit. Order yours soon so they arrive before the big day!

​FRANKI's FIDGETS kits each have a variety of satisfying and calming sensory items, each kit is unique and comes in an attractive zippered pouch

  • Smell- ie. scented markers, scented gel pens, scented erasers

  • Touch- bumpy board, smooth stones, soft fabric fidgets, kinetic sand

  • Sight- colorful collections of treasures!

All of these fidgets have been expert-curated, and are QUIET so that they can be used in the classroom or the boardroom!

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