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Hello! I am so proud of this resource I have put together. I couldn't find the perfect lesson plan ideas, extension suggestions, resources, and discussion prompts that would truly honor Autism awareness and acceptance as neurodiversity, so I made them! Neurodiversity is a naturally occurring difference in our brains. Not negative or positive just different. This approach lets all of our students know that differences are expected, can be difficult and supported, and can also be celebrated! It also validates how other students may feel about areas they find difficult and need support in. There is more than one type of smart!


This unit plan has several lesson plans that could be taught over one class or several, with several suggestions so they can be used in the K-12 classroom.


There are resource suggestions for teachers and classroom use, most by Autistic authors/authors with Autism.


Several discussion prompts.


Make your own fidget project, that complements the discussion about sensory sensitivities and seeking.



Enjoy- Franki

Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month Unit Plan Neurodiversity Affirming K-12

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