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Small Business Saturday -Franki's FAAB Fav Female Business Owners (don't try to say that fast!!)

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

I recently bought myself a gift and it came from a female owned small business, my friend and mentor, Lindsay Pinchuk. Lindsay is an incredible role model, she was the creator and owner of Bump Club and Beyond and now runs Lindsay Pinchuk consulting and supports female small business owners. I am currently participating in her marketing boot camp and I have learned so much! (Check her out at Between this experience and my participation in her social media challenge I have met so many incredible female entrepreneurs. This really encouraged me to reflect on my own spending habits. I'll admit I have been relying on Amazon more than ever during this pandemic.

Now, shopping on Amazon can actually support small business owners. Many of them sell their products there and authors like me definitely benefit from the purchase, however it's always awesome to buy direct from a business. So when it was time to purchase more business cards I knew I was going to shop small and I was thrilled when I saw Sara's beautiful work. Now, I'm going to be upfront here. Buying from Sara was more expensive, however, the attention and care I got from her was amazing. The attention and care I got from the online sites I had used was absent, meaning there was none! So to me, these business cards were an incredible value. As I was strolling through her online store, I saw a few products that stopped me in my tracks. Did you know that Love it Labels by Sara creates personalized magnetic task boards! Perfect for morning and bedtime routines. You guys know how much I love a good visual aid!!! For many years, I've been teaching professionals and parents how to create these. For many years, I noticed it often just doesn't happen. Do you know why? Parents are overwhelmed, busy isn't even the appropriate term anymore. Love it Labels by Sara can make it easy on you and create a custom routine board. They are gorgeous and your kids will love them. Check out her magnetic calendar too, how nice would this be to keep track of all of those kids' activities!

Because Sara is awesome, and she's a Mom too, she is offering a special discount code to my blog readers and FAAB Subscribers! Use the code FAAB10 on each google order form for 10% off.

Shop here!

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