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The ADHD Brain Works From Home- Time Timer to The Rescue

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

I don’t mean to brag but I was working from home before it became pandemic cool! In 2019 when I launched Franki’s Academic and Behavioral Consulting, it made the most sense as a Mom of three to work from home. I loved working in my pjs and connecting with educators, parents, camp professionals, and more through webinars and video conferencing. This gave me the privilege of being able to greet my three kids the moment they got off the bus, have a short conversation about their day, and then send them off for their coveted screen time and retreat back into my home office– aka a corner of my bedroom! While working from home has distinct advantages, my home is full of distractions galore and my ADHD brain sometimes focuses on all of them at the same time instead of giving the attention that is needed to the task at hand. When I found myself doing laundry, rearranging my dining room furniture, or looking at old baby pictures instead of writing an article with a firm deadline, I knew I had to ADHD coach myself into a more productive professional. So what did I do? I dusted off my trusty Time Timer- a vintage relic from my classroom days and got to work.

This was so effective (of course it was, Time Timer visual timers are the best!) that I reached out to Time Timer sharing my groupie status of their product and became an affiliate. Time Timer shared some of their latest and greatest innovative products with me and I use them all on a daily basis to be the best ADHDpreneur I can be. Here are my top 5 ADHD timer hacks. Which one do you think will work best for you?

Read my top 5 ADHD timer hacks here:

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